Prism’s Trip Viewer displays individual calculated trips on a map. This tool allows you to look at each trip in detail. To access it, click on the Trip Viewer icon on the home page.

In order to view an individual trip, you will need to select the date range and the vehicle. You will find this at the top of the Trip Viewer.

Once you have selected the date range and vehicle, a list of individual trips will be shown in the trip viewer. Click on a specific trip and the trip details will load to the map on the right-hand side.

The red dots on the trip are non-public road points and the purple dots on the trip are public road points. The map is interactive so that you can zoom in and look at a trip in detail.

By hovering over any point, you will see a summarised statistic for the point. The stats are relative to the previous point.

The points from the map are also plotted on a graph showing speed and time. You can hover over each point to view information