Editing your vehicle specifications

  1. Select the vehicle that you wish to edit. An edit pane will open up to the right-hand side.

  1. Enter all of the vehicle specifications that you have for your vehicle.

Never change the IVMS ID or the Prism ID. These IDs are used by Prism to assign the activity received from your telematics provider.

  1. Select a vehicle Category, Make, and Model. This is an important step, as Prism will apply a fuel consumption rate based on the category. Leaving this as 'Default' will apply a conservative rate.

  2. Ensure that you let Prism know if this vehicle is entitled to an FTC On-Road claim. Selecting Yes indicates that the vehicle is over 4.5 tonne and selecting No indicates that it is under 4.5 tonne.

  3. Entering the vehicle’s Fuel Consumption Rates will allow Prism to use this information in your fuel apportionment reports.

  4. Once you have finished configuring each vehicle, you select Save at the bottom of the edit pane.

Editing the vehicle register via bulk upload

The Prism vehicle register will also allow you to configure your vehicles via bulk upload.

  1. To do this, select the Download icon in the top right-hand corner. This will prompt an excel file download of your vehicle register.

2. Edit your vehicle specifications, using the information above.

3. Save your excel file.

4. Head back to the Prism Vehicle Register and select the Upload icon. This will open an upload pane that will prompt you to either drag and drop or select a file.

5. Select the excel file that you have edited.

6. The upload pane will ask whether you would like to Update, Replace or Append the vehicle register. Select Update and then select Continue

7. The information that you added to the excel file will now be reflected in the Prism vehicle register.

Swapping units between vehicles

Prism treats individual units as a vehicle. If you swap units between vehicles, you will need to tell Prism about the details of the new vehicle. This is done in the Vehicle Register on Prism.

  1. Note down the IVMS ID of both trackers that you are swapping between vehicles.

The IVMS ID is the number that your telematics provider assigns to the unit that you put in your vehicles.

  1. Swap the trackers between vehicles.

  2. Head to the Vehicle Register on the Prism Web app.

  3. Select the IVMS ID of the tracker that you have just moved. The vehicle information will not have changed at this point. Eg. Rego, category, make, model.

  4. Clicking the vehicle will open an edit pane to the right-hand side. Here you can change the vehicle details to reflect the new vehicle that the unit is now in.

  5. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for any other units that you have moved between vehicles.