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Audit Map Reports - Generating, Reviewing

In this user guide, we will walk you through the Audit Reports feature including how to generate and review.

In Prism, the Audit Reports feature allows the users to generate and review documents designed to identify regions with the highest usage of non-public road vehicles. These reports provide valuable insights into where and how vehicles are being utilised off-road, and allow users to help understand patterns of vehicle activity. By analyzing various data sources, including vehicle data and geographical information, these reports distinguish between public roads and non-public roads, which may include private roads, trails, and off-road paths. These insights can be crucial for tasks such as planning and compliance monitoring.

PLEASE NOTE: The accuracy of Audit Reports depends on both the methodology used by Prism and the data provided by you, including Vehicle Data, as well as data obtained from third-party sources. While efforts are made to ensure fairness and reasonability in the methodology, the reliability of the output depends on the accuracy of the data.


In order to navigate to to the Audit Reports, and if you have already integrated an account with Prism, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to Prism.

  2. In the home page under Tools, select Audit Reports:

Image 1 - ‘Audit Reports’ feature in the home page of Prism (after logging in).

By default, this feature will be enabled during the initial setup and onboarding process. If however you do not see this feature made available for you in the home page, please contact and our team will assist further.

  1. Once you are in Audit Reports, you may see initial audit reports (per month) generated during the setup & onboarding process which include:

  • Top Public Road Idling Trips;

  • Top Public Road Driving Trips;

  • Top Non-Public Road Idling Trips;

  • Top Non-Public Road Driving Trips;

  • Top Non-Public Road Idling Clusters; and

  • Top Non-Public Road Driving Clusters:

Image 2 - Audit Reports generated (per month).

  1. To generate new audit reports, you’ll only be able to do this after that month has concluded. When the current month has concluded, only then will you be able to generate audit reports for that month.

    1. To do that, click on the green plussymbol and select the month/s you wish to generate the audit reports for.

    2. When the months have been selected, select CONTINUE and the audit reports will be queued for generation. This may take a few minutes or so to generate:

Select plus sign.gif

Image 3 - Generating new Audit Reports (per month).

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