Prism is a data analysis platform for commercial vehicle fleet operators that uses GPS and other data related to the activity of your fleet. It allows complex calculations on large, ongoing data generated by tracking devices to be automated by a powerful analytics engine and summarised in reports, dashboards, and other content which are produced on a recurring basis and distributed to nominated users and recipients.

This page is going to take you through how to get set up and start using Prism, so you'll be able to take full advantage of it and determine how it can best meet your needs. 

Starting a new Prism service for your fleet

Prism works with data generated by tracking devices in your vehicles, so you must have a telematics system installed in your fleet to use Prism. If you don’t yet have telematics or are considering changing your telematics service, we can assist you in choosing the right provider (let us know here).

With telematics installed in your fleet, the steps to get started using Prism are as follows:

  1. Sign up for a Prism account - by contacting us online, by phone, or by email. Our team will create your Prism account and invite you as a user using your email address.

  2. Provide access to your telematics data - through one of the following methods which our team will discuss with you during sign up:

a. If your telematics provider is a Prism Integrated Partner we will work with the provider to enable data access. You don’t have to do anything other than provide authorisation (which is part of the service agreement).

b. If your telematics provider is a Prism Integrated System we will guide you through the process of obtaining the required API or data access credentials from the provider that we will use to connect your telematics system to Prism.

c. If your telematics provider is neither of the above, we will discuss other options for data access with you, which are usually provider-specific.

3. Log in to the web portal - by accepting the email invitation to set your user password that will be sent by our team once they have configured your account and data integration.

That’s it! Our local team is here to help at each stage of the process so you will never be stuck and alone. You can reach us during QLD business hours by phone, email, or on the web, and soon by private Slack channel.

Next Step: Log into the portal for the first time.